About Us

We have decades of experience in the Merchant Services industry. Our Company was built on the philosophy of doing good honest business, at low rates, while continuing to add on the newest technology available to help business owners.

We electronically process millions of dollars and millions of transactions every month safe and securely. We educate our Merchants on processing electronic payments so they can learn tips to help themselves. We understand a business owner has their hands full, that’s why we insist they utilize us as their resource when it comes to electronic payments.

Even though we process transactions for many business types, our focus is on being the leading provider of E-Commerce, Mobile processing and other Payment Solutions in the Optometric, Medical, Dental, Chiropractic and Homeopathic industries. We have partnered with multiple Associations within these fields to provide low cost solutions and build long term partnerships. We sponsor events for our partners on a regular basis allowing us to give back, offer newly released solutions, and to continue education so they understand we are invested in our relationships!

We believe in providing our clients with personal service they deserve, this is our philosophy and it has allowed us to grow exponentially. We understand how frustrating it can be when your call is transferred time and time again, only to get stuck speaking to someone you’ve never met. This is why we dedicate one of our experienced Account Managers to each of our Merchants when they sign up with Premier. You are not just another number to us; we invest in long term relationships because we want our clients’ business indefinitely! Our personal service, combined with our low cost solutions is why we are Premier Merchant Services.

"We're big enough to provide you with the newest technology available, yet small enough to provide you with personal service!"

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